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Aventura eBooks - Books for the 21st Century

We do not write because we want to; we write because we have to.
Somerset Maugham

Why do writers write? Because it isn't there.
Thomas Berger

Good prose should be transparent, like a window pane.
George Orwell

Submissions Policy - @ventura eBooks

We want to publish your books, but we need you to follow some guidelines when you submit your manuscripts.

We are focusing on  Adventure, Action, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller and Crime type fiction - set in any time period. We really don't want anything too heavy. Something that you would like to take on holiday - that type of novel. If you're not sure if you fall into this compartment, send us an email with any questions using our CONTACT US page.

We are looking for completed books. We do not put a minimum or maximum number of words as a limit.
However, we would say that your manuscript is not normally considered as a novel if less than 70,000 words.
This does not mean we wont look at your work though, as we are looking at quality, content and potential.

We will accept your manuscript as an attachment, but this must be in one of the following formats: MS Word document (.doc or .docx), rtf file, .txt file or PDF file.

If we accept you as an author we will normally require a MS Word document. We will not be able to format a PDF file.

Send us an email with a subject line of:
Submission: <Surname, First Name> - <Title of Book>

We would also like a synopsis of the book and possibly what you would see as the 'Back of the Book Blurb'. These can be sent as a second attachment.

In the body of the email, tell us about yourself, why you wrote the book and any other useful information you might think relevant.

Submissions - Aventura eBooks
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