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No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else’s draft.
H. G. Wells

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T. S. Elliot

Martyn Adams - Published January 2013

About the Author

Martyn Adams always cheerfully claims to be utterly diseased with history. His own words. He studied it at school and university, and has continued to be so involved that virtually all of his bookshelves are full of the subject to the exclusion of all else. He utterly bewails the lack of teaching of the subject nowadays, and hopes that his historical novels might redress the balance a little, given luck and a fair wind.

Martyn Adams is married, occasionally, but has never quite got round to being fruitful and multiplying yet.  Perhaps he is too involved in history.

Aventura eBooks
Martyn Adams

Aventura is publishing Martyn's series of Historical Adventure stories featuring Christopher Gaunt - a royalist and spy. The first in the series Gaunt the Royalist, is followed by Gaunt's Nemesis.

Martyn has also written Sex and the Sovereigns - The births, the deaths, and all the juicy bits in between, of 1000 years of English monarchs - to be published soon.

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