Aventura eBooks - Books for the 21st Century

Aventura eBooks - Books for the 21st Century

The pen is the tongue of the mind.

Miguel de Cervantes

eBooks - the formatted word for now and tomorrow

- the future of publishing

Welcome to Aventura eBooks

Publishing books for the future

We live in an ever changing world. Everything moves fast, including the world of books.

We want everything faster, smaller, cheaper.

We still love to read but new technologies offer us more opportunities and can be accessed worldwide, 24 hours a day.

We now have eBooks and eReaders at our disposal. You can even read a book on your smartphone or tablet.

Find our ebooks and others on our great ebook store www.aventuraebookstore.com.

This new ebook store is specialising in new authors and those published by independent publishers.

Make Aventura your first choice for a good read!


Here at Aventura eBooks we think that the digital book is the future. That's why we are publishing eBooks; books that can be downloaded to any eReader such as a Kindle™, Kobo™, Nook™ or iPad™, or simply read on your laptop or smartphone.

Literary Agency

Aventura eBooks is not just  an ePublisher. We are also Literary Agents, looking to provide the author with a complete service. We pay royalties to our authors - you don't pay us!

We are specializing in publishing eBooks that fall into the  Adventure, Action, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller and Crime categories of fiction.

If you think you might have a novel for us, please check our Submissions page.

Aventura eBooks Aventura eBooks
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